The LiveCallQue Process

Why Our System Works

Live Call Que
  • Fully Pre-Qualified an Vetted Leads by and Actual Human
  • Focused on ACTUAL customer acquisition costs; your customers pay the bills not clicks or leads
  • Full Transparency via billing and CRM System
  • Proprietary CRM system that allows you to track incoming leads and see exactly where they are in the process
  • Month-to-Month billing because we EARN your business and loyalty every month
  • Over two decades of experience and knowledge in lead gen and actual customer acquisition
Our Competition
  • Leads from a form with no “real qualification”.  They make you filter through the crap.
  • Focused on “cost-per-lead” & “cost-per-click”; those don’t pay the bills
  • Want you to just trust that they are doing what they say they’re doing
  • You figure out your own tracking system and hope nothing falls through the cracks
  • Long term contracts because they can’t do a good enough job to earn your loyalty
  • Generally some startup trying to get into the business with a year or two of experience

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